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I’m Valerio, I like to design tidy, usable, beautiful standard-compliant websites.

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Latest Work

Herz Submicron Lathing

Web Development

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  • Herz Submicron Lathing

    Web Development

    Herz Submicron Lathing

    Back-end and front-end coding for Herz Submicron Lathing’s website. Herz is a Sicilian company leader in the field of custom contact lenses manufacturing.

    A collaboration with Reattiva, a marketing and advertising agency which provided the initial design and concept.

    Visit the website

  • Undicidecimi

    Graphic Design


    Logo and Shopping bag design for Undicidecimi, a sicilian Optics.

    A modern and elegant logo that expresses Undicidecimi’s business at first glance.

  • Valerio Bulla

    Graphic Design

    Valerio Bulla

    Business cards design, “Rainbow+” series.

    Business cards with a fresh and modern design. The cards back is available in 8 different colors.

  • The Daily Shoot Randomizer

    Web Design

    The Daily Shoot Randomizer

    A personal project made for photography lovers and enthusiasts that wish to learn or improve their photographic technique.

    The website allows the generation of a photographic assignment to carry out. The randomly selected assignments are from the original The Daily Shoot website, sadly now offline.

    Visit the website

  • Bioenergy

    Web Design


    Website design for Bioenergy, a Sicilian company specialized in wood pellet distribution.

    The website, according to the client’s demands, highlights the convenience (both economical and ecological) of their products, using a simple but effective graphic design.

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  • Happy Dolls

    Design Study

    Happy Dolls

    Web Design case study: Happy Dolls, a hand-made dolls manufacturer company.

    This study focuses mainly on a contact page’s graphic design and usability.

  • FGS

    Design Study


    Web design case study: a website for an organization that gives speleological guide courses.

    This study focuses mainly on fonts and typographic design.

  • Valerio Bulla (old site)

    Web Design

    Valerio Bulla (old site)

    My previous website: a single-page xhtml + css website, with a simple design, fluid scrolling and color transition effects.

    Visit the website



It’s not just limited to graphic design; this stage establishes the foundation of the entire website.

Some of the main concerns of the design process are usability and information architecture.


This is where the coding actually happens. The resulting html5 + css code is standard-compliant and Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

Moreover, with the addition of Javascript and the jQuery library, the resulting website will be reactive and easy to navigate.


A delicate phase, during which the website is tested for cross-browser compatibility and bug removal.

If a deadline has been set, it will be met at the end of this phase.


Your website is brand new. To keep it efficient and error-free, an accurate and regular maintenance is required.

Website updates and new content insertion improve the website’s image and reputation, both to visitors and search engines.

 1 Design 


Information Architecture

Information Architecture is at the base of good design. A good architecture makes website navigation simple and intuitive.

Awesome contents without an accurate architecture are likely to become contents that no one will be able to find.

First-class Usability

Usability is an index of the user experience quality on a website. In simple terms, it indicates how much easy to use it is.

If a visitor is having troubles using a website, it will simply leave. On the other hand, why should he stay? The internet is so huge, it surely has many alternative solutions to offer.

Web usability is often underrated, but it’s actually the best feature of a successful website.

Pixel-perfect Graphic

Graphic design and visual impact are fundamental to encourage users to stay on the website.

A well done graphic design conveys professionalism and competence, and it increases the users’ confidence. This is especially true for firms and commercial activities, whose image is based on the user’s perception.

 2 Development 


Web Standards

Development takes place in compliance of the current web standards.

Coding standard-compliant websites makes them more stable and compatible; it also reduces development and maintenance times and costs, and improves the website’s search engine ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website can be full of amazing and interesting content, with a great graphic design and perfect content organization, but none of these make sense if it doesn’t get visitors.

Website development with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind allows users all over the net to find it, and increases the traffic flow.

Special Effects…

… and not only. A dynamic and reactive interface improves website interactivity, and has a huge impact on the user experience.

Thanks to Javascript, it’s possible to turn a simple website into an interactive experience: custom animations, dynamic image galleries, instant form validation and much more.

Oh, it’s also a web standard, fully supported by all the major browsers.

 3 Deployment 


Cross-Browser compatibility

Before its launch, the website is tested on all of the main browsers, to ensure it’s displayed consistently and properly.

Because of the web’s very nature, it’s not possible to predict on which hardware and software the website will be displayed: that’s why cross-browser compatibility is fundamental.

Website Testing

Once deployed, but before the actual launch, the website must be tested from as many users as possible, to report and fix any residual bugs and flaws.

A multiple user testing drastically decreases the risks of malfunctioning and undesired behaviors once the website will be launched.


Punctuality and deadlines are of capital importance. Time is precious, so why waste it? If there’s a deadline, it must be met.

This pertains both my work progress and the client’s readiness to delivery the required material for the website development.

 4 Maintenance 


The importance of maintenance

Your website’s life does not end with publishing: regular maintenance is one of the most important aspects of a website’s design.

Be it the addition of new products, contents or images, or the correction of bugs, maintenance is fundamental to keep your website error-free, up to date and with optimal performance.

Content freshness and absence of errors keep a website’s reputation solid, to the eyes of both search engines and visitors.

Modifications and addons

A well designed website allows easy structural changes and addons installation.

Keeping at the forefront in modern economy is essential to avoid being swallowed by competition, and to stand out from the mass. As time (and trends) passes, your website will need to be partially or fully modernized.

About Me

Valerio Bulla

Hi, I’m Valerio Bulla, freelance web designer. I am currently based in Sicily (Italy) and I really enjoy designing and coding beautiful, simple and clean websites.

I’m a firm believer in web standards and interface usability, and I like to spend a lot of time while designing and coding stuff to make sure they’ll end up being both usable and standard-compliant. It’s better for everybody.

If you want to know more about me or my work, please contact me!

My skills


  • xhtml, html5
  • css
  • javascript
  • actionscript
  • C / C++
  • C#


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Flash Professional
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Pacchetto Office


  • Wordpress
  • Joomla!


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