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Hi, I'm Valerio.

Let's make a site together

I'm a Sicilian web designer. If you need a fast, standard-compliant, beautiful website, it's my job to make it.

And to make it right.

A look is worth a thousand words, and it's faster. So take a look at some of my works and judge for yourselves.

In this website

  • Portfolio: a collection of my recent works. To help you choose.
  • Services: why must all of my websites be standard-compliant? Also, what's your gain?
  • About me: everything you need to know about me. More details at the bottom of the page.
  • Many ways to contact me!


My secret ingredients

What can I do for you?

  • Web sites design and implementation
  • Restyling of existing web sites
  • Joomla! and Wordpress templates/themes
  • Banner, buttons, logos, illustrations, graphic design
  • Simple or creative photomanipulation

My secret exposed

I have no secret. Well, beside loving standard compliance. Adopting web standards will make your website more profitable.

Wanna know how?

Keep reading: you'll understand the reasons why choosing a well done, accurate job is priceless.

8 things to know about me

I'm the website guy

  • I'm Valerio Bulla, I'm 26 and I'm passionate about graphics and technology.
  • I live in Sicily. Nonetheless, I work online, so anyone speaking English can contact me.
  • I'm learning (because you never stop learning) and exerting the web designer profession.
  • I'm a freelancer: no big agencies, no late deliveries, no excuses. Just caring.
  • I carefully pay attention to the user's needs, and the client's wants.
  • I care about your success: it fuels mine, too
  • Usability is the thing I like most of designing.
  • I'm your average 'geek': I love Apple, Nintendo, open source, role-playing games, drawing, coding and those hard-to-get geek jokes ;)

Bonus! My skills


xhtml + css, javascript, actionscript, C / C++, C#


Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Lightroom 2, Adobe Flash Professional CS5, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Microsoft Office

Content Management Systems:

Joomla!, Wordpress